New School

New School
Posted on 01/02/2024

We are so excited to see you all next Wednesday, January 3rd for our first day of school in our new home. While we have only been away from school for 2 short weeks, SO MUCH has happened! 

Some thrilling updates include:

  • Our new bathrooms really do have floor to ceiling doors for privacy, working locks, automatic opening doors, automatic water for hand washing, and automatic soap dispensers! Oh my!
  • All of our new classrooms have sinks in them for hand washing and refilling water bottles. All classroom sinks have been tested for lead and the results were perfect! Non detect for all classroom faucets. Drink up!
  • Our phones (same phone number of 503-525-6124) are working. Call us!
  • Each classroom has a ceiling mounted projector, screen, and wall mounted speakers. Woohoo!
  • Teachers and staff members have a LOUNGE with couches, a kitchenette, and a relaxing table and chairs. No more impromptu meetings in the adult restroom. We are fancy!
  • All classrooms have an entire wall of windows facing the Willamette River. What could we see from The Emerson School today? Mt. Hood!

We can’t wait to show off our new space. We have a number of finishing touches to take care of and a TON of unpacking to do but things are really shaping up beautifully! There may be a few outstanding items when we resume school next Wednesday but nothing that will prevent the fun, enriching, collaborative, and exciting education your children are accustomed to. Please be patient with us as we work out the kinks.